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KVM Forum 2015

The KVM Forum 2015 was held from August 19-21 at the Sheraton Seattle in Seattle, USA. It was co-located with LinuxCon NA 2015.


Live Updates

Watch the Google+ Group for live updates from the event.

Videos and Slides

Wednesday morning - August 19, 2015

  • KVM Forum 2015 - KVM Keynote by Paolo Bonzini (video, slides)
  • Real-Time KVM by Rik van Riel (video, slides)
  • Real-Time KVM for the Masses by Jan Kiszka (video, slides)
  • Virtualizing the Locomotive: Ready, Set, Go! by Mark Kraeling (video, slides)
  • Pushing the limits: 1000 guests per host and beyond by Jens Freimann (video, slides)

Wednesday afternoon - August 19, 2015

  • Migratable 40GBit/s Ethernet by Alexander Graf (video, improved video, slides, animated slides)
  • Status update on KVM-COLO HA/FT solution by Hongyang Yang, Eddie Dong and Weidong Han (video, slides)
  • virtio-vsock: Zero-configuration host/guest communication by Stefan Hajnoczi (video, slides)
  • Using Upstream QEMU for Computer Architecture and Software Studies by Christopher Covington (video, slides)
  • Guest operating system debugging by David Hildenbrand (video, slides)
  • virtio 1 - why do it? and are we there yet? by Michael S. Tsirkin (video, slides)

Thursday morning - August 20, 2015

  • KVM Forum 2015 - QEMU Keynote by Alexander Graf (video, slides)
  • Towards multi-threaded TCG by Alex Bennée and Frederic Konrad (video, slides)
  • KVM Message Passing Performance by David Matlack (video, slides)
  • ARM: Caches that give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot by Marc Zyngier (video, slides)
  • QEMU and OpenGL by Gerd Hoffmann (video, slides)
  • QEMU for Xilinx ZynqMP by Edgar E. Iglesias (video, slides)
  • QEMU interface introspection: from hacks to solutions by Markus Armbruster (video, slides)

Thursday afternoon - August 20, 2015

  • CPU hot-plug - status and challenges by Andreas Färber (video, slides)
  • Incremental backups: Good things come in small packages! by John Snow and Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy (video, slides)
  • qcow2: why (not)? by Max Reitz and Kevin Wolf (video, slides)
  • QEMU Hotplug Infrastructure and Implementing PCI Hotplug for PowerKVM by Michael Roth (video, slides)
  • New qemu technology used in virt-v2v by Richard Jones (video, slides)
  • Vhost: Sharing is better by Eyal Moscovici and Bandan Das (video, slides)
  • KVM as The NFV Hypervisor by Jun Nakajima (video, slides)
  • Recent improvement in Gluster for VM image storage by Pranith Kumas Karampuri (video, slides)
  • KVM live migration optimizations by Liang Li (video, slides)
  • Low latency edge computing with QEMU/KVM: Challenges and future by Mihai Caraman (video, slides)
  • Migrating NFV Applications to KVM guest by Mario Smarduch (video, slides)
  • Rethinking machine types by David Gibson (video, slides)

Friday morning - August 21, 2015

  • KVM Forum 2015 - Libvirt Keynote by Jiří Denemark (video, slides)
  • Backing Chain management in QEMU and libvirt by Eric Blake (video, slides)
  • Libvirt: What did we do wrong? by Michal Privoznik (video, slides)
  • oVirt and Gluster, hyper-converged! by Martin Sivak (video, slides)
  • High performance VMs in OpenStack by Nikola Dipanov (video, slides)
  • kvm-unit-tests: past, present, and future by Andrew Jones (video, slides)
  • The new oVirt Extension API - The 1st step for fully modular oVirt by Martin Perina (video, slides)

Friday afternoon - August 21, 2015

  • oVirt host communication - long way from an unpaved road to the highway by Piotr Kliczewski (video, slides)
  • Securing secure boot: system management mode in KVM and Tiano Core by Paolo Bonzini (video, slides)
  • Block Jobs: current status, upcoming challenges by Jeff Cody (video, slides)
  • oVirt self-hosted engine seamless deployment by Simone Tiraboschi (video, slides)
  • Improving the QEMU Event Loop by Fam Zheng (video, slides)
  • Live migration with SR-IOV pass-through by Weidong Han (video, slides)
  • Managed conversion of guests to oVirt by Arik Hadas (video, slides)
  • ARM interrupt virtualization by Andre Przywara (video, slides)
  • oVirt SR-IOV support by Barak Azulay (video, slides)
  • Using IPMI in QEMU by Corey Minyard (video, slides)


  • Avocado: Next generation virt testing by Cleber Rosa (video, slides)
  • Getting Started with Coccinelle (KVM edition) by Julia Lawall (video, slides)




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