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KVM Forum 2018

The 11th edition of the KVM Forum was held from 24 - 26 October at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK.

Videos and Slides

Wednesday - October 24, 2018

Wednesday Morning
  • L1TF and KVM - Alexander Graf, SUSE (video slides)
  • Security in QEMU: How Virtual Machines Provide Isolation - Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat (video slides)
Wednesday Afternoon
  • Painting a Picture of the KVM Use-cases in the Container World - Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat (video slides)
  • Getting Some Peace and Quiet as an Open Source Maintainer - Cornelia Huck, Red Hat (video slides)
  • Memory Overcommit for Overcommitted Admins - Jonathan Davies, Nutanix (video slides)
  • Scalability and Stability of libvirt: Experiences with Very Large Hosts - Marc Hartmayer, IBM (video slides)

Thursday - October 25, 2018

Thursday Morning
  • Keynote: KVM Status Report - Paolo Bonzini, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat (video slides)
  • Private vs. Common: Reflection on Cross-architecture Commonality - Christian Borntraeger, IBM (video slides)
  • Contributor Q&A Panel - Moderated by Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat (video transcript)
  • Intel SGX Virtualization on Linux and KVM - Sean Christopherson, Intel (video slides)
  • Secure Virtual Machines on Power - Ram Pai & Guerney Hunt, IBM (video slides)
  • Protect Data of Virtual Machines with Memory Encryption on KVM - Kai Huang, Intel Corporation (slides)
  • s390 KVM Memory Management and its Pitfalls - Janosch Frank, IBM (video slides)
  • Extending Secure Encrypted Virtualization with SEV-ES - Thomas Lendacky, AMD (video slides)
  • vfio-ap: The Perils of the Weird - Halil Pasic, IBM (video slides)
Thursday Afternoon
  • Performance Optimization on Huawei Public and Private Cloud - Lei Gong & Jinsong Liu, Huawei (video slides)
  • Kata Containers: Leveraging Advanced Features of QEMU to Provide Better Container Isolation - Eric Ernst, Intel (video)
  • Demand Paging Performance with 160 vCPUs - Cannon Matthews, Google (video)
  • “Honey, I Shrunk the Hypervisor” - Building a Legacy Free Platform for QEMU - Robert Bradford, Intel Corporation (video slides)
  • Torwards a More Scalable KVM Hypervisor - Wanpeng Li, Tencent Cloud (video slides)
  • Device Assignment with Nested Guests and DPDK - Peter Xu, Red Hat (video slides)
  • CloudAtlas: Ways to Make Live Migration Safe and Expectable - Chao Zhang & Feng Xie, Alibaba Cloud (video slides)
  • Taking it to the Nest Level - Nested KVM on the POWER9 Processor - Suraj Jitindar Singh, IBM (video slides)
  • Distributed QEMU - Yubin Chen & Zhuocheng Ding, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (video)
  • "Hybrid" Nesting: KVM on Hyper-V - Vitaly Kuznetsov, Red Hat & Tianyu Lan, Microsoft (video)
  • Adaptive Live Migration - Xiao Guangrong & Yulei Zhang, Tencent Cloud
  • Improving KVM x86 Nested-Virtualization - Liran Alon, Oracle (video slides)

Friday - October 26, 2018

Friday Morning
  • QEMU Status Report - Alex Bennée, Senior Software Engineer, Linaro
  • Libvirt Status Report - Peter Krempa, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
  • Arm Timers; and Fire! - Christoffer Dall, Arm (slides)
  • Hardware-Assisted Mediated Pass-Through with VFIO - Kevin Tian, Intel (slides)
  • ARM virt 3.0 and Beyond: Towards a Better Scalability - Eric Auger, Red Hat (slides)
  • SPDK vhost Target: A Practical Solution to Accelerate Storage I/Os Inside VMs - Ziye Yang & Changpeng Liu, Intel
  • L1TF and KVM - Alexander Graf, SUSE (slides)
  • VFIO Device Assignment Quirks, How to use Them and How to Avoid Them - Alex Williamson, Red Hat
  • What Did Spectre and Meltdown Teach about CPU Models? - Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat (slides)
  • Shared Virtual Addressing in KVM - Yi Liu & Jacob Pan, Intel Corporation
  • KVM/arm Meets the Villain: Mitigating Spectre - Marc Zyngier, ARM (slides)
  • A Perfect Solution for Live Migration with Pass-through Devices - Quan Xu, Alibaba
Friday Afternoon
  • A Driver Framework for qtest - Laurent Vivier, Red Hat
  • Live Migration Support for GPU with SRIOV: Challenges and Solution - Zheng Xiao, Alibaba Cloud; Jerry Jiang & Ken Xue, AMD (slides)
  • The Functional Test Beast: Tame it, Bring it Home and Make it your Pet - Cleber Rosa, Red Hat, Inc. (slides)
  • vdpa: vhost-mdev as a New vhost Protocol Transport - Cunming Liang & Tiwei Bie, Intel (slides)
  • Testing in QEMU and libvirt: Beyond Make and Make Check - Yash Mankad, Red Hat (slides)
  • Empty Promise: Zero-Copy Receive for vhost - Mike Rapoport, IBM (slides)
  • Facilitating Incremental Backup - Eric Blake, Red Hat (slides)
  • RAM is Getting More Complex - Dr. David Alan Gilbert, Red Hat (slides)
  • Qemu Backup Status - Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy, Virtuozzo
  • Guest Free Page Hinting - Nitesh Narayan Lal, Red Hat, Inc. (slides)
  • Background Snapshots - Denis Plotnikov, Virtuozzo
  • virtio-mem: Paravirtualized Memory - David Hildenbrand, Red Hat (slides)




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