KVM Forum 2010 Presentations

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Monday, August 9th

Title Speaker Video
Keynote Avi Kivity
Desktop virtualization with spice Gerd Hoffman
Developing tests for the KVM autotest framework Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues
Threading the QEMU Device Model Anthony Liguori
QEMU's new device model qdev Markus Armbruster
KVM on Server Class PowerPC Alexander Graf
Transparent Hugepage Support Andrea Arcangeli
Migration: how to hop from machine to machine without losing state Juan Quintela
Sheepdog: distributed storage system for QEMU Kazutaka Morita
How to keep time correctly, and avoid SDR-awk cab emit peek problems Glauber Costa
PV-DMA using IOMMU Emulation Joerg Roedel
Network Virtualization in KVM Arnd Bergmann
Ganeti as a KVM cluster management interface Guido Trotter Ganeti
Porting virtio to PowerVM Hypervisors Ricardo Marin Matinata

Tuesday, August 10th

Title Speaker Video
Keynote Anthony Liguori
vhost-net and virtio-net: need for speed Michael S. Tsirkin
The QEMU Monitor Protocol (QMP) Luiz Fernando Nogueira Capitulino
Integrating KVM with Linux Avi Kivity
KVM in Embedded: Requirements, Experiences and Open Challenges Jan Kiszka
Kemari: Fault Tolerant Virtual Machine Synchronization based on KVM Yoshi Tamura
Managing Resources on Over-committed Virtualization Hosts Adam Litke
A Walkthrough on some recent KVM performance improvements Marcelo Tosatti
Examing KVM as Nested Virtualization Friendly Guest Eddie Dong
PCI direct device assignment: pwned! all your devices are belong to guest Chris Wright
Performance and Scalability of Server Consolidation using KVM Andrew Theurer
WinKVM: Windows kernel-based Virtual Machine Kazushi Takahashi
Nahanni: Inter-VM Shared Memory Cam Macdonell
Asynchronous Page Faults: AIX did it. Gleb Natapov
PCI Express support in QEMU Isaku Yamahata