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KVM Forum 2016

The 9th edition of the KVM Forum, KVM Forum 2016, was held from 24 to 26 August at the Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto, Canada. It was co-located with LinuxCon NA 2016.

Live Updates

Watch the Google+ Group for live updates from the event.

Videos and Slides

Wednesday - August 24, 2016

Wednesday Morning
  • Experience in Developing a Driver for a Complex New Hardware Device on Qemu/KVM - Knut Omang (video, slides)
  • Real Time KVM - Rik van Riel (video, slides)
  • Performant Security Hardening of KVM - Steve Rutherford (video, slides)
Wednesday Afternoon
  • Securely Integrating QEMU with Open Source Virtualization Technology - Daniel Berrage (video, slides)
  • Userland Page Faults and Byond: Why, How and What's Next - Andrea Arcangeli (slides, video)
  • An Introduction to PCI Device Assignment with VFIO - Alex Williamson (video, slides)
  • Kernel Protection Using Hardware-Based Virtualization - Jun Nakajima & Sainath Grandhi (video, slides)
  • A Practical Look at QEMU's Block Layer Primitives - Kashyap Chamarthy (slides)

Thursday - August 25, 2016

Thursday Morning
  • Keynote: KVM Status Report - Paolo Bonzini (video, slides)
  • Virtualization Developer Panel - Moderated by Stefan Hajnoczi (video)
  • vGPU on KVM - A VFIO Based Framework - Neo Jia & Kirti Wankhede (video, slides)
  • VMBus (Hyper-V) devices in QEMU/KVM - Roman Kagan (video, slides)
  • QEMU Support for the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture - Sagar Karandikar (video, slides)
  • Dirty Memory Tracking for Performant Checkpointing Solutions - Lei Cao (video, slides)
  • QEMU Graphics Update 2016 - Gerd Hoffmann (slides)
Thursday Afternoon
  • Quo Vadis Virtio? - Michael Tsirkin (video, slides)
  • Jobs and Unemployment in the New QEMU Economy - John Snow (video, slides)
  • Design of Vhost-pci - Wei Wang (video, slides)
  • I/O Prefetch Cache as QEMU Block Filter Driver - Pavel Butsykin (video, slides)
  • AMD's Virtualization Memory Encryption Technology - Thomas Lendacky (video, slides)
  • Backups with QEMU - Max Reitz (slides)
  • TCG Enhancements for PowerPC - Nikunj Dadhania (video, slides)
  • Microsoft Failover Clustering on KVM - Vadim Rozenfeld (slides)
  • Keynote: Libvirt Status Report - Jiri Denemark (video, slides)
Lightning Talks
  • High Performance Networking in Virtual Machines - Xiyue Wang (video, [ slides])
  • Nested VMX Migration - Jim Mattson & David Matlack (video)
  • Analyzing libvirt cgroup CPU reservations by Gaurav Poothia (video)
  • Libvirt NSS Module by Michal Prívozník (video)

Friday - August 26, 2016

Friday Morning
  • Keynote: QEMU Status Report - Alexander Graf (video, slides)
  • QEMU Community Growth Through Open Source Internships - Stefan Hajnoczi (video, slides)
  • Painless Switch from Proprietary Hypervisor to QEMU/KVM - Den Lunev (video, slides)
  • QEMU Coroutines, Exposed - Jeff Cody (video)
  • KVM on System z: The Good, the Bad and the Weird - Cornelia Huck (slides)
  • Atomic.h weapons: The C11 Memory Model and QEMU - Paolo Bonzini (video, slides)
  • Light Weight Virtualization with QEMU/KVM - Chao Peng (slides)
Friday Afternoon
  • Machine-type Introspection and Configuration: Where Are We Going? - Eduardo Habkost (video, slides)
  • Real Time & Fast Live Migration Update for NFV - Liang Li (slides)
  • CPU Hotplug Support in QEMU - Bharata Rao & David Gibson (video, slides)
  • Vhost with Guest vIOMMU - Peter Xu and Wei Xu (slides)
  • Nesting KVM on s390x - David Hildenbrand (video, slides)
  • Status Update on KVM-COLO RT - Hailang Zhang (video, slides)
  • As Time Goes By, Analysing Where We Spend Our Cycles During Exits - Christian Bornträger (video, slides)
  • Qemu as a USB-MTP Responder - Bandan Das (video, slides)
  • NVDIMM Virtualization - Xiao Guangrong
  • Libvirt Admin API - A Different Kind of Management for libvirt - Erik Skultety (video, slides)




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