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KVM Forum 2012


The KVM Forum 2012 was held from November 7-9, 2012 at the Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona. It was co-located with LinuxCon Europe 2012


Wednesday, November 7th

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote Avi Kivity, Red Hat
09:15am For Performance and Latency, Not for Fun Jan Kiszka, Siemens
10:30am KVM Scalability: Preparing for big SMP VMs Andrew Theurer, IBM
11:15am Integrated Testing in QEMU - An Overview of qtest and qemu-test Anthony Liguori, IBM
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
1:00pm KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V Enlightenments Vadim Rozenfeld QOM Vadis? Taking Objects to CPU and Beyond Andreas Färber, SUSE
1:45pm Linux bridging: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Stephen Hemminger QIDL: An Embedded Language to Serialize Guest Data Structures for Live Migration Michael Roth, IBM
2:30pm KVM in the Enterprise: An Early Adopter's Take Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao, NTT Live Migration: Even faster, Now With a Dedicated Thread! Orit Wasserman, Red Hat
3:30pm Qemu USB Status Report 2012 Gerd Hoffmann, Red Hat Yabusame Update on Postcopy Live Migration for QEMU/KVM Isaku Yamahata, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.
4:00pm How to Use KVM's Reverse Mappings to Improve Scalability Takuya Yoshikawa, NTT Spice Status Update Hans de Goede, Red Hat
4:30pm A New Chipset for Qemu - Intel's Q35 Jason Baron, Red Hat New Features in libguestfs and the Virt Tools Richard Jones, Red Hat
5:00pm Building Application Sandboxes on Top of KVM or LXC Using libvirt Daniel Berrange, Red Hat KVM Autotest - It's not Just a QA Tool Anymore Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues, Red Hat

Thursday, November 8th

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote Anthony Liguori, IBM
09:15am Virtio & Networking Status and Challenges Michael S. Tsirkin, Red Hat
10:30am KVM Memory Management Update & Plans Rik van Riel, Red Hat
11:15am Revamping the QEMU Memory API Avi Kivity, Red Hat
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
1:00pm A Block Layer Overview Kevin Wolf, Red Hat Partial Device Port Acceleration Alexander Graf, SUSE
1:45pm The Road to Effective Thin Provisioning in QEMU Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat VFIO: A User's Perspective Alex Williamson, Red Hat
2:30pm GlusterFS for KVM Users and Developers Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat Megasas on Steroids: Qemu Device-Passthrough With VFIO Hannes Reinecke, SUSE
3:30pm Enabling Optimized Interrupt/APIC Virtualization in KVM Jun Nakajima, Intel QEMU Live Block Operations: Snapshots, Merging, and Mirroring Jeff Cody, Red Hat
4:00pm Efficient Sharing of Physical Devices Between KVM Guests and Host Bharat Bhushan, Freescale Virtio-blk Performance Improvement Asias He, Red Hat
4:30pm Multiqueue Networking for KVM Jason Wang, Red Hat WHQL Pprocess for Windows Drivers and What the Community Can Learn From It Yan Vugenfirer, Daynix
5:00pm Lightning Talks: PV Disk I/O * OVMF * Netware as KVM Guest * Efficient Guest Agnostic Virtualization with Embedded Power Architecture KVM Matthias Brugger, Laszlo Ersek, Bruce Rogers, Varun Sethi

Friday, November 9th

Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
9:15am ARM Virtualization for the Masses Christoffer Dall, Virtual Open Systems Memory Aggregation / Cloud with KVM Benoit Hudzia, SAP
10:30am KVM on IBM System z: Channel I/O And How To Virtualize It Cornelia Huck, IBM OpenStack: KVM for the Masses Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat
11:15am Boxes: A Box for Everyone! Zeeshan Ali, Red Hat KVM on IBM POWER: Update & IO Architecture Benjamin Herrenschmidt, IBM & Stuart Yoder, Freescale


Some notes from the talks -- http://kashyapc.fedorapeople.org/virt/kvm-forum-2012-notes.txt