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KVM Forum 2018

The 11th edition of the KVM Forum was held from 24 - 26 October at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK.

Videos and Slides

Wednesday - October 24, 2017

Wednesday Morning
  • L1TF and KVM - Alexander Graf, SUSE (video slides)
  • Security in QEMU: How Virtual Machines Provide Isolation - Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat (video slides)
Wednesday Afternoon
  • Painting a Picture of the KVM Use-cases in the Container World - Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat (video slides)
  • Getting Some Peace and Quiet as an Open Source Maintainer - Cornelia Huck, Red Hat (video slides)
  • Memory Overcommit for Overcommitted Admins - Jonathan Davies, Nutanix (video slides)
  • Scalability and Stability of libvirt: Experiences with Very Large Hosts - Marc Hartmayer, IBM (video slides)

Thursday - October 26, 2017

Thursday Morning
Thursday Afternoon

Friday - October 27, 2017

Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon



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