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guest programmable mac/vlan filtering with macvtap

This would be nice to have to be able to do bridging or use macvlan inside the guest.

We neet to be able to:

  • change mac address of the guest virtio-net interface.
  • create a vlan device on the guest virtio-net device
  • set promiscuous mode on guest virtio-net device
  • all this controllable by host admin


  • There's a patch [1] proposed by Alex Williamson to do TX mac filtering in TUN. It's still in RFC state, no recent activity in thread. Try rewrite based on comments.
  • Implement filtering in macvtap. The filtering information will be received through TUNSETTXFILTER ioctl (by above patch).
  • Implement promiscuous mode in guest virtio-net driver. No ideas here, yet.
  • Control should be done via qemu/virtio features. Need a way to disable access that qemu can't override unless it has net admin capability.


  • Amos Kong works on QEMU side [2] to add event notification when guest change rx-filter config (main-mac, rx-mode, mac-table, vlan-table). Libvirt will query the rx-filter config from monitor (query-rx-filter), then sync the change to host device.