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kqemu on BSD


Note: the kqemu-kmod port was removed in 2016 with the following comment:

> The are broken on recent FreeBSD, they are not supported by any qemu version, they do not build with recent binutils (2.27)

Updating Base System

$ freebsd-update fetch install

Updating Ports System

$ portsnap fetch extract

Installing kqemu-kmod

$ pkg_add -r kqemu-kmod

Intalling qemu

$ pkg_add -r qemu

Loading kernel modules

$ kldload kqemu
$ kldload aio

Creating the image file

$ qemu-img create -f qcow2 kwinxp.img 5G

Starting the vm

$ qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -hda kwinxp.img -m 512 -boot d -kernel-kqemu -localtime


If you run into problems installing W2K or XP Os, run qemu without acpi and kqemu.

$ qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -hda kwinxp.img -m 512 -boot d -no-kqemu -no-acpi -localtime

If you are running a server without X, access your VM through VNC

$ qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -hda kwinxp.img -m 512 -boot d -kernel-kqemu -vnc :0 -localtime