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Performance tests and results

Before performing benchmarks - configure Windows parameters


Tools used for performance tests


  • Download
  • Typical command line: iperf -c <IP> -w <TCP window size>
  • Pros: ability to control the TCP window size from command line and intermidiate results printouts during the test.
  • Cons: High CPU consumption on Linux machines.


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  • Typical command line: netperf -H <IP> -l <test length> -- -m <message size>
  • Cons: No control over TCP windows. Windows version doesn't have some of the Linux version feature. Windows server should be restarted after each test.

Additional scripts

  • netkvm\tests\netperf_wrapper.rb - the scrip will run netperf according to its configuration (by default running 3 times for each message size and iterating message sizes between 32byte to 16K).
  • netkvm\tests\netperf_log_parser.rb - parsing raw netperf output