From KVM

This page reports qemu migration ToDo list. It includes:

Support for big memory machine

Current code fails with 64GB/256GB guests. Things that need to improve are:

  • dirty migration bitmap: we need to split it from normal TCG bitmap
 (bitmap has 16bits by page of memory, and kvm only ever uses 
  the migration bit)
  • TLB handling: related with previous one, kvm don't need TLB handling in qemu.
  • detecting if we converge/not during migration
  • improve measurements to be able to give good information to management

Port all missing cpus to VMState

This means that nothing out of hw/ will use the old qemu migration stuff.

Port all missing devices to VMState

We need to finish this one to be able to change the migration implementation/protocal. Current problems include that we do too many copies to be able to saturate a 10G network.