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KVM Forum 2010



The KVM Forum is back! After a break last year we're proud to present
this year's gathering around KVM again.  The idea is to have everyone
involved with KVM development come together to talk about the future
and current state of KVM, teaching everyone some pieces of the puzzle
they might be missing without.

So if you're a KVM developer, mark the dates in your calendar! If
possible, also submit a talk -- we're interested in a wide variety of
KVM topics, so don't hesitate to propose a talk on your work.
If you're not a KVM developer, please read on nevertheless (or jump to


Conference: August 9 - 10, 2010
Location: Renaissance Boston Waterfront in Boston, MA

Abstracts due: May 14th, 2010
Notification: May 28th, 2010

Yes, we're colocated with LinuxCon.  Tickets for the KVM Forum also count
for LinuxCon.


At first check if it's before May 14th.  If you're past that date, you're
out of luck.  Now try to think hard and come up with a great idea that
you could talk about.  Once you have that set, we need you to write up
a short abstract (~150 words) on it.  In your submission please note
how long your talk will take.  Slots vary in length up to one hour.
Also include in your proposal the proposal type -- one of: technical talk,
breakout session, or end-user talk.  Add that information to the abstract
and submit it at the following URL:

Now, wait until May 24th.  You will receive a notification on whether
your talk was accepted or not.


We have a list of suggested presentation topics below.  These suggestions
are just for guidance, please feel free to submit a proposal on any
of these or related topics.  In general, the more it's about backend
infrastructure, the better.

  - Scaling and performance
  - Nested virtualization
  - I/O improvements
  - Driver domains
  - Time keeping
  - Memory management (page sharing, swapping, huge pages, etc)
  - Fault tolerance
  - VEPA, vswitch
 Embedded KVM
  - KVM on ARM, PPC, MIPS, ...?
  - Real-time requirements host/guest
  - Device pass-through w/o iommu
  - Custom device/platform models

  - Device model improvements
  - New devices
  - Security model
  - Scaling and performance
  - Desktop virtualization
  - Increasing robustness
  - Management interfaces
  - QMP protocol and implementation
  - Live migration

  - Speeding up existing devices
  - Vhost
  - Alternatives
  - Using virtio in non-kvm environments
  - Virtio on non-Linux

Management infrastructure
  - Libvirt
  - Kvm autotest
  - Easy networking
  - Qemud


We will reserve some time each day to break out for working sessions.
These sessions will be less formal than a presentation and more focused
on developing a solution to some real development issue.  If you are
interested in getting developers together to hack on some code, submit
your proposal and just make it clear it's a breakout session proposal.


One of the big challenges as developers is to know what, where and how
people actually use our software.  To solve this issue at least a little,
there will be a few slots reserved for end users talking about their
deployments, problems and achievements.

So if you have a KVM based deployment running in production or are about
to roll out one, please also submit a talk (see PROCESS), and simply
mark it asn an end-user collaboration proposal.  We would love to have
an open discussion of fields where KVM/Qemu can still improve and you
would have the unique chance to steer that process!
Keep in mind that most of the Forum will be focused on development though,
so we suggest you also come with a good portion of technical interest  :-) .
And of course, no product marketing please!  The purpose is to engage
with KVM developers.


In addition to submitted talks we will also have some room for lightning
talks. So if you have something you think might be done until the KVM
Forum, but you're not sure you could fill 15 minutes with it. Or if you
don't know if you'll make it until there, just keep in mind that you
will still get the chance to talk about it.  Lightning talk submissions
and scheduling will be handled on-site at KVM Forum.

Thank you for your interest in KVM.  We're looking forward to your
submissions and seeing you at the KVM Forum 2010 in August!  Now, start
thinking about that talk you want to give.
your KVM Forum 2010 Program Commitee
Alexander Graf, Novell
Anthony Liguori, IBM
Avi Kivity, Red Hat
Chris Wright, Red Hat
Dor Laor, Red Hat
Jan Kiszka, Siemens
Please contact us with any questions or comments.