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Patches working on:

1. params_verify

   Verify all parameters in KVM command line:
   1) Log into the guest
   2) Verify whether cpu counts ,memory size, nics' model,
      count and drives' format & count, drive_serial, UUID
   3) Verify all nic cards' macaddr

2. pci_hotplug

   Test pci devices' hotplug
   1) pci_add a deivce (nic or storage)
   2) Compare 'info pci' output
   3) Compare 'reference_cmd' output
   4) Verify whether pci_model is shown in 'pci_find_cmd'
   5) Check whether the newly added pci device works fine
   6) pci_del the device, verify whether could remove the pci device

3. run autotest's netperf on two guests

   Run netperf2 on two guests:
   1) start two guests, one as client while the other is server
   2) run netserver on server guest using control.server
   3) run netperf on client guest using control.client