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* [[Paravirtualized networking]]
* [[Paravirtualized networking]]
* [[Paravirtualized block device]]
* [[Paravirtualized block device]]
* PowerPC port -- see [[PowerPC]]
* [[PowerPC|PowerPC port]]
* IA64 port -- see [[Category_ia64]]
* IA64 port
* Run x86 xen guest (domU) kernels, see []
* Run x86 xen guest (domU) kernels, see []

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KVM is included in the mainline linux kernel since 2.6.20 and is stable and fast for most workloads.

It is also available as a patch for recent Linux kernel versions and as an external module that can be used with your favorite distro- provided kernel going back up to 2.6.16, therefore including all latest versions for Enterprise Linux Distributions.


  • Intel-based hosts (requires VT capable processors)
  • AMD-based hosts (requires SVM capable processors)
  • Windows/Linux/Unix guests (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • SMP hosts
  • SMP guests (as of kvm-61, max 16 cpu supported)
  • Live Migration of guests from one host to another (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • See the Guest Support Status page for a list of guest operating systems known to work
  • See the Host Support Status page for information on host hardware.
  • Guest swapping

In progress: