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There are a several options available to manage kvm virtual machines:

Name/URL Description UI Type Last Updated Notes License
Witsbits Witsbits enables you to set up your servers with virtualization and deploy virtual machines faster than ever before. It’s a complete virtualization solution with a self-upgrading hypervisor and cloud-based centralized management, reducing time spent on maintenance to a fraction of what other solutions require. The self-configuring hypervisor comes as a Live CD, delivering the fastest time-to-deployment by removing the need for spending time on installation and configuration. Web Active Live CD Hypervisor with SaaS Management System Subscription, Free Trials and Lifetime Accounts available
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is an open source on-premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud software platform that leverages existing compute, storage, and network resources to create scalable, secure enterprise-grade clouds. Web, CLI, REST, SOAP Active Supports KVM, Xen, and VMware GPL v3
UCS / UVMM UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is a simple-to-use, high-performance management system for KVM and XEN. UVMM offers all the necessary functions for creating and administrating virtual instances and hard drives on physical servers as well as their assignment to each other. Supports among other things live-migration of virtual systems and snapshots (with KVM). Web, CLI Active Supports KVM and Xen, Uses libvirt Commercial, Free for personal use edition available, AGPL v3
Plain qemu/kvm You can run qemu/kvm straight from the command line CLI Active See man (qemu-system-x86_64 or kvm or qemu-kvm) for more info GPL v2
virsh A minimal shell around libvirt for managing VMs CLI Active Uses libvirt LGPL
VMM / Virtual Machine Manager Also known as virt-manager. A desktop user interface for managing virtual machines. Desktop Active Uses libvirt GPL v2
VMM's supporting tools virt-install/clone/convert Command line tools for provisioning new VMs, cloning existing VMs and importing / converting appliance images. CLI Active Uses libvirt GPL v2
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization / RHEV Commercial management solution for RHEL / KVM. Web Active Commercial
Proxmox VE Open Source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines Web, CLI Active Bar-metall installer including KVM and OpenVZ management tools AGPL v3
ConVirt ConVirt 2.0 Open Source is the leading open source product for managing Xen and KVM, enabling you to standardize and proactively manage your virtualized environment in a centralized fashion. Web Active Xen & KVM; formerly known as xenman GPL v2
oVirt oVirt is a virtualization management framework constisting of a small host image, the oVirt Node, that provides the libvirt service to host virtual machines, and a robust vm management software stack, controlled by a web-based management interface, the oVirt Server. Web Active uses libvirt Apache License v2
op5 op5 develops and delivers op5 Monitor a enterprise-class software for IT monitoring and administration of the whole IT. op5 developed a KVM plug-in to monitor KVM virtualization infrastructure that allows organizations to have better capacity planning, which enables the provisioning of usage of resources such as storage, CPU, and memory more proactively. Web, REST Active Uses libvirt GPL v2
OpenNebula an open source virtual infrastructure engine CLI, XML-RPC Active cloud computing managment; uses libvirt Apache License v2
OpenNode RHEL/CentOS based open-source server virtualization and management solution - simple bare-metal installer, providing KVM+OpenVZ host and standard libvirt, func management interfaces together with standard cli tools like virsh and vzctl. OpenNode Management Server with ajax web-based management console available - as is RPC-JSON API interface. Web, CLI, API Active Bare-metal installer, KVM, OpenVZ hypervizors and variety of management tools Unknown
Ganeti Ganeti is a cluster virtual server management software tool built on top of existing virtualization technologies CLI Active KVM support added in Ganeti 2.0 GPL v2
Karesansui Karesansui is an open-source virtualization management application. It's smart graphical user interface lowers your management cost, and brings a total management/audit solution for both physical and virtual servers. Web, REST Active KVM & Xen support; uses libvirt LGPL v2.1/GPL v2
openQRM openQRM is the next generation, open-source Data-center management platform. Web Active KVM, Xen, VMware and Linux V-Server support GPL v2
Abiquo Abiquo is a technology-agnostic solution for enterprises and service providers who want to quickly and simply build, manage and develop public and private clouds based on their existing heterogeneous environments. Web, REST Active KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V & XenServer support; uses libvirt Commercial
CloudStack Cloudstack is an open source project that enables the deployment, management, and configuration of multi-tier and multi-tenant infrastructure cloud services using Xen, KVM and VMware hypervisors. Web Active KVM, Xen & VMware support Commercial/GPL v3
Nimbula Director Nimbula Director is a Cloud Operating System that enables Infrastructure as a Service using the KVM. Web, CLI, REST Active KVM support Commercial (Freemium)
Archipel Archipel is an Open Source project that aims to bring push notifications to virtualization orchestration using XMPP. Web Active KVM, Xen, Virtual Box & OpenVZ support; uses libvirt AGPL v3
kvm-wrapper kvm-wrapper is a lightweight, simple and intended to be hackable set of shell scripts that help manage kvm virtual machines a great deal. CLI Active KVM support WTFPL (v2)
kvm-admin Python scripts for managing the guests (boot, shutdown ...) and include a commandline monitor . CLI Active kvm support GPL v2
Virtualbricks Python-gtk GUI to manage guest and hybrid (host/guest) networks. CLI Active kvm, qemu, ksm & VDE support GPL v2
SolusVM The most popular control panel for commercial use. Web Active KVM, Xen & OpenVZ support Commercial
Stackops Openstack Distro Stackops is an Openstack Nova distribution verified and tested for KVM. You only need to download the ISO image with the distro and install it on one or more servers. CLI, REST Active KVM & QEMU (libvirt based) Apache License v2
WebVirtMgr Web service for managing VMs based on the KVM WEB Active Only KVM; use libvirt Apache License v2
Foreman Foreman is aimed to be a Single Address For All Machines Life

Cycle Management including bare metal / vm / cloud provisioning, configuration managememnt and configureation reports/auditing using puppet

Web, REST, CLI Active KVM, VMWare, oVirt RHEV-M, EC2, OpenStack GPL v3
AQemu a Qt4 user interface for KVM Desktop 2011-07-27 GPL v2
Enomaly a programmable virtual cloud infrastructure for small, medium and large businesses Web, REST Not available as of 2010-02-08 they have commercial and open source editions Commercial/AGPL v3
kvmadm a minimalistic set of command-line tools to control multi-user utilization of KVM CLI 2007-09-25 GPL v2
GKVM A Gnome user interface for KVM. Desktop 2007-08-01 GPL v2
kvmupdown simple, robust and no-bloat management interface. CLI Link broken, probably terminated project KVM public domain