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Does KVM officially support OVF? Or the greater VMAN specification? Trying to get an official confirmation that KVM supports OVF or will in the future, and if in the future, when is it expected?


Is it possible to remove the sections KVM Forum 2007 and 2008 from the main-site and put them on an extra site? I don't understand, why they are there.. --Cberendt 17:17, 9 May 2009 (EDT)

I've moved the KVM-Forum stuff to a separate page and linked it on the front-site. I think there should be a link on the left site, not on the front-site. --Cberendt 15:00, 11 May 2009 (EDT)

Book missing

Hi, I tried to find the book "qemu-kvm & libvirt", but the link seems to be broken. Is there a reliable source for this book one can point the link to?

KVM / VLAN / Bonding / Bridging

Hi I would like to know the best setup up if I have a 3 VLANs will be used over two physical links enp2s0 , enp3s0 trunked server by default has 2 NICs (note server capable of creating vNICs as well) so in this case we have vNIC represented to OS

so I will have VLAN 100 for managment Host bare metal RHEL 7.0

on top of the host will install KVM to deploy 2 VMs

VM1 : using VLAN 200 and - one interface - one IP address VM2 : using VLAN 200, VLAN300 and two interfaces two IP addresses

- How many bond should I use ... I assume one ? (enp2s0 , enp3s0) ?

 Do I need to create all the VLANs over that bond ? 
 what is the proper pinning VLANs 

- How many bridge should be created ?

I am looking at how this can be implemented for routing and networking ?

Thanks in advance