PowerPC 440 Host Kernel

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Host Kernel

The host kernel is the one you boot the hardware with, and runs virtual machines (KVM guests).


The best place to start is the kvm.git tree (see the Code page).

Most PowerPC KVM patches have been integrated in the kernel.org kernel, but additional patches may be found in the kvm.git tree. A set of patches which have not yet been committed to kvm.git is available at http://penguinppc.org/~hollisb/kvm/


Enable the KVM options in the Virtualization top-level category when running make menuconfig.

To allow guests to connect to the network, enable "TUN/TAP device driver support" and see the Networking page.



Build and boot whatever target you need for your board/firmware.

For example, for a Sequoia board running u-boot, make zImage will produce arch/powerpc/boot/cuImage.sequoia.

For a Bamboo board running PIBS, make zImage will produce arch/powerpc/boot/treeImage.bamboo.