From KVM

Patches working on:

1. params_verify [codes finished, debugging]

   Verify all parameters in KVM command line:
   1) Log into the guest
   2) Verify whether cpu counts ,memory size, nics' model,
      count and drives' format & count, drive_serial, UUID
   3) Verify all nic cards' macaddr

2. pci_hotplug [codes finished, debugging]

   Test pci devices' hotplug
   1) pci_add a deivce (nic or storage)
   2) Compare 'info pci' output
   3) Compare 'reference_cmd' output
   4) Verify whether pci_model is shown in 'pci_find_cmd'
   5) Check whether the newly added pci device works fine
   6) pci_del the device, verify whether could remove the pci device

3. run autotest's netperf on two guests [codes finished, debugging]

   Run netperf2 on two guests:
   1) start two guests, one as client while the other is server
   2) run netserver on server guest using control.server
   3) run netperf on client guest using control.client

4. framework problem

   1) to deal with multiple images ( create multiple  images and specify 'force_create_image')
   2) kvm_subprocess often create multiple process, reach limit connections of windows telnet