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The following items need some love. Please post to the list if you are interested in helping out:

  • Real mode support: VT support for real mode is terrible, so we need to do it in software. This means extending the x86 emulator (x86_emulate.c) to handle more instructions, and changing the execution loop to call the emulator for real mode.
  • Fedora kernel package: packaging kernel modules is a rather arcane stuff. We already have volunteers for openSUSE and Debian; we need packages for Fedora.

The following smaller scale tasks can be a nice entry point to someone wishing to get involved:

  • Enforce the virtual time stamp counter monotonicity even when a vcpu is migrated to another physical cpu.
  • Consolidate the msr code where the handling is common to intel and amd.
  • Avoid saving/loading the floating point unit state on each vm entry/exit.