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Host Kernel

The host kernel is the one you boot the hardware with, and runs virtual machines (KVM guests).


The best place to start is the kvm.git<code> tree (see the Code page).

Most PowerPC KVM patches have been integrated in the kernel, but additional patches may be found in the <code>kvm.git tree. A set of patches which have not yet been committed to kvm.git is available at


Enable the KVM options in the Virtualization top-level category when running make menuconfig.

To allow guests to connect to the network, enable "TUN/TAP device driver support" and see the Networking page.



Build and boot whatever target you need for your board/firmware.

For example, for a Sequoia board running u-boot, make zImage will produce arch/powerpc/boot/cuImage.sequoia.

For a Bamboo board running PIBS, make zImage will produce arch/powerpc/boot/treeImage.bamboo.