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We will reserve some time for people to get together and discuss strategic decisions as well as other topics that are best solved within smaller groups. This time can also be used for hands-on hacking sessions.

If you are interested in organizing such a group time event, please add it to the list before KVM Forum, so people have time to organize which one they will attend.

Adding links to this wiki is restricted. If you have problems adding your BoF, please send it to the program committee at

BoF Ideas

Windows guests on KVM/QEMU

Anything and everything related to running Windows on KVM/QEMU

What's new, what's broken, what's coming in the future. Topics may include (feel free to add your own):

  • Windows guest performance tuning
  • VMbus on KVM
  • Hyper-V nested on KVM
  • Windows drivers for new virtio devices (virtio-gpu, virtio-vsock, virtio-9p, ...)
  • Hyper-V enlightenments exposed by KVM
  • Debugging, host-side MEMORY.DMP generation



  • Ladi Prosek <> (organizer)
  • Denis Lunev <>
  • Roman Kagan <>
  • Yan Vugenfirer <>
  • Dmitry Fleytman <>
  • Sameeh Jubran <>

Better ballooning

Summary: Let's figure out what virtio-balloon (or its successor) should look like.

Topics: (feel free to add more!)

  • Inflation semantics: Should a host be able to target free pages specifically?
  • Deflation semantics: Should a guest be able to touch ballooned pages?
  • OOM handling: How can one avoid OOM-related guest impact (OOM-kills, swapping, etc.)?
  • Protocol (incl. efficient advertisement of pages)

Links: (feel free to add more!)


  • Randy Dodgen <> (organizer)

Virtio 1.1

Summary: Discussion of current Virtio 1.1 draft proposal

Discussion about Virtio 1.1 has been going on for a while on mailing lists. One driver for a new version of the Virtio spec has been interest in a hardware implementation of virtio. Let's discuss this further and see if there's any further feedback and ideas.



  • Jens Freimann (organizer)
  • Michael Tsirkin
  • Maxime Coquelin
  • Amnon Ilan
  • ...

BoF idea template

=== TITLE ===

'''Summary:''' Short description of the idea

Detailed description of the idea.

* Wiki links to relevant material
* External links to mailing lists or web sites

* Your Name (organizer)
* People that want to attend this session