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KVM Forum 2017

The 10th edition of the KVM Forum was held from 25 - 27 October at the Hilton Prague in Prague, Czech Republic.

Live Updates

Watch the Google+ Group for live updates from the event.

Videos and Slides

Wednesday - October 25, 2017

Wednesday Morning
  • Lessons in Running libvirtd at Scale - Prerna Saxena, Nutanix (video slides)
  • OMG, NPIV! Virtualizing Fibre Channel with Linux and KVM - Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat, Inc. & Hannes Reinecke, SUSE (video slides)
Wednesday Afternoon
  • QEMU in UEFI - Alexander Graf, SUSE (video slides)
  • The Future of virtio: Riddles, Myths and Surprises - Michael S. Tsirkin, Red Hat, Inc. ([video] [slides])
  • Helping Users Maximize VM Performance - Martin Polednik, Red Hat, Inc. (video slides)
  • KVM Performance Tuning on Alibaba Cloud - Yang Zhang, Alibaba Cloud (video slides)

Thursday - October 26, 2017

Thursday Morning
  • Keynote: KVM Status Report - Christian Bornträger, IBM (video [slides])
  • To EL2, and Beyond! - Christoffer Dall, Linaro (video slides)
  • Running Virtual Machines on Kubernetes with libvirt & KVM - Fabian Deutsch & Roman Mohr, Red Hat, Inc. (video slides)
  • Managing the New Block Layer - Kevin Wolf & Max Reitz, Red Hat, Inc.(video slides)
  • Bringing Commercial Grade Virtual Machine Introspection to KVM - Mihai Donțu, Bitdefender (video slides)
  • Qemu Backup - Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy & Maxim Nestratov, Virtuozzo (videos slides)
  • Nested Virtualization on ARM - Christoffer Dall, Linaro (videos slides)
Thursday Afternoon
  • Live Migration with Mediated Device - Yulei Zhang, Intel (videos slides)
  • Zero-Copy Receive for vhost - Mike Rapoport, IBM (videos slides)
  • Generic Buffer Sharing Mechanism for Mediated Devices - Tina Zhang, Intel (videos slides)
  • Configuring and Benchmarking Open vSwitch, DPDK and vhost-user - Pei Zhang, Red Hat, Inc. (videos slides)
  • Adding Device Direct Assignment Support for a New Bus Infrastructure on ARM64: Challenges and Performance Tuning - Mihai Caraman, NXP (videos [slides])
  • virtio: vhost Data Path Acceleration towards NFV Cloud - Cunming Liang, Intel (videos slides)
  • Userspace NVMe driver in QEMU - Fam Zheng, Red Hat, Inc. (videos slides)
  • Improve VNF Safety with Vhost-User/DPDK IOMMU Support - Maxime Coquelin, Red Hat, Inc. (videos [slides])
  • Where Does the Time Go? Profiling Nested KVM on x86/Intel - Jim Mattson, Google (videos slides)
  • virtio-crypto: A New Framework of Cryptography Virtio Device - Lei Gong, Huawei & Xin Zeng, Intel (videos [slides])
  • Nested Virtualization: Hyper-V on KVM - Ladi Prosek, Red Hat, Inc. (videos slides)
  • Testing Techniques Applied to Virt Development - Cleber Rosa, Red Hat, Inc. (videos slides)

Friday - October 27, 2017



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