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KVM Forum 2014

The KVM Forum 2014 was held from October 14-16, 2014 at the Congress Centre Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was co-located with LinuxCon Europe 2014.


Program schedule is at

Tuesday, October 14th

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote: KVM Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat
09:15am Security Hardening of KVM Andrew Honig, Google
10:00am Validating and Defending QEMU TCG Targets Alex Bennee, Linaro
11:15am ARM KVM Platform Device Assignment Eric Auger, Linaro
12:00pm Extending KVM Models Toward High-Performance NFV Jun Nakajima, Intel
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
2:00pm Optimizing IO Virtualization and VM Memory Management for Tablet Devices Bokdeuk Jeong, Samsung Hardware Accelerated Virtio Networking for NFV Varun Sethi & Yashpal Dutta, Freescale Semiconductor
2:30pm Automatic NUMA Balancing Rik van Riel, Red Hat vhost-scsi Technical Discussion Nicholas A. Bellinger, Datera
3:30pm KvmGT: A Full GPU Virtualization Solution for KVM Jike Song, Intel KVM on MIPS James Hogan, Imagination Technologies
4:00pm VFIO, OVMF, GPU, and You Alex Williamson, Red Hat KVM on IBM POWER8 Machines Paul Mackerras, IBM
4:30pm Graphics in QEMU - How the Guest Display Shows Up in Your Desktop Windows Gerd Hoffmann, Red Hat VFIO on POWER Alexey Kardashevskiy, IBM

Wednesday, October 15th

Time Title Speaker
09:00am Keynote: QEMU Andreas Färber, SUSE
09:15am New to QEMU: A Developers's Guide to Contributing Jeff Cody, Red Hat
10:00am Nested Virtualization - State of the Art and Future Directions Jan Kiszka, Siemens; Bandan Das, Red Hat; Yang Zhang, Intel
11:15am Towards Multi-Threaded Device Emulation in QEMU Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat
12:00pm Memory Externalization with userfaultfd Andrea Arcangeli & Dr. David Alan Gilbert, Red Hat
Track 1 Track 2
Time Title Speaker Title Speaker
2:00pm Deterministic Replay and Reverse Debugging in QEMU Pavel Dovgalyuk, ISP Virtio-blk Multi-queue Conversion and QEMU Optimization Ming Lei, Canonical
2:30pm Migration: Trying to Make it More Robust Juan Quintela, Red Hat More Block Device Configuration Kevin Wolf & Max Reitz, Red Hat
3:30pm Job Safety: Blockers in the Block Layer Jeff Cody, Red Hat KVM on Grid, Shaken Not Stirred Raphael Sack, Intel IT


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