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Information on the recently-concluded KVM Forum 2008

Wednesday June 11th

Session Topic Speaker
Keynote Avi Kivity, Qumranet
Cross platform guest support Paul Knowles, Transitive
KVM in Solid ICE Dor Laor, Qumranet
Buiding a better Userspace - The current and future state of QEMU and KVM integration Anthony Liguori, IBM
Mixing Xen and KVM: Xenner Gerd Hoffman, Red Hat
KVM Limits - Arbitrary or Architectual? Ryan Harper, Karl Rister, IBM
VMDq and SR-IOV support in KVM Eddie Dong, Intel

Thursday June 12th

Session Topic Speaker
[attachment:kdf2008_8.pdf Mac OS X in KVM] Alexander Graf, Novell
[attachment:kdf2008_9.pdf Beyond kvm.ko] Avi Kivity, Qumranet
[attachment:kdf2008_10.pdf State of KVM in PowerPC] Christian Ehrhardt, IBM
[attachment:kdf2008_11.pdf Accelerating KVM with hardware technology] Sheng Yang, Intel
[attachment:kdf2008_12.pdf Increasing Virtual Machine density with KSM] Izik Eidus, Qumranet
[attachment:kdf2008_13.pdf Shadow TLB management] Hollis Blanchard, IBM
[attachment:kdf2008_14.pdf Passthrough device access for KVM] Amit Shah, Qumranet & Allan Kay, Intel
[attachment:kdf2008_15.pdf Integrating KVM with the Linux memory management] Andrea Arcangeli, Qumranet
[attachment:kdf2008_16.pdf Paravirtualized file systems] Eric Van Hensbergen, IBM research

Friday June 13th

Session Topic Speaker
[attachment:kdf2008_17.pdf KVM on Big Iron: Where to go from here?] Carsten Otte, IBM
[attachment:kdf2008_18.pdf Enabling KVM on IA64 system] Eddie Dong, Intel
[attachment:kdf2008_19.pdf Open-OVF: an OSS project around the Open Virtual Appliance format] Hollis Blanchard, IBM
[attachment:kdf2008_20.pdf Mini VM - Extending KVM towards Embedded systems] Jun Nakajima, Intel
[attachment:kdf2008_21.pdf Nested paging hardware and software] Ben Serebrin & Joerg Roedel, AMD
Concluding keynote Benny Schnaider, Qumranet