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(Friday June 13th)
(Friday June 13th)
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Information on the recently-concluded KVM Forum 2008

Wednesday June 11th

Session Topic Speaker
Keynote Avi Kivity, Qumranet
Cross platform guest support Paul Knowles, Transitive
KVM in Solid ICE Dor Laor, Qumranet
Buiding a better Userspace - The current and future state of QEMU and KVM integration Anthony Liguori, IBM
Mixing Xen and KVM: Xenner Gerd Hoffman, Red Hat
KVM Limits - Arbitrary or Architectual? Ryan Harper, Karl Rister, IBM
VMDq and SR-IOV support in KVM Eddie Dong, Intel

Thursday June 12th

Session Topic Speaker
Mac OS X in KVM Alexander Graf, Novell
Beyond kvm.ko Avi Kivity, Qumranet
State of KVM in PowerPC Christian Ehrhardt, IBM
Accelerating KVM with hardware technology Sheng Yang, Intel
Increasing Virtual Machine density with KSM Izik Eidus, Qumranet
Shadow TLB management Hollis Blanchard, IBM
Passthrough device access for KVM Amit Shah, Qumranet & Allan Kay, Intel
Integrating KVM with the Linux memory management Andrea Arcangeli, Qumranet
Paravirtualized file systems Eric Van Hensbergen, IBM research

Friday June 13th

Session Topic Speaker
KVM on Big Iron: Where to go from here? Carsten Otte, IBM
Enabling KVM on IA64 system Eddie Dong, Intel
Open-OVF: an OSS project around the Open Virtual Appliance format Hollis Blanchard, IBM
Mini VM - Extending KVM towards Embedded systems Jun Nakajima, Intel
Nested paging hardware and software Ben Serebrin & Joerg Roedel, AMD
Concluding keynote Benny Schnaider, Qumranet