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KVM-Autotest To-Do list


  • Verify MD5 sum of ISO image before starting a VM [DONE]
  • Enable multiple user controlled port redirections (with -redir)
  • Implement functions to translate VM ports and addresses (e.g. VM.get_port(), VM.get_address())
  • Support TAP networking with a user specified MAC address for each NIC
  • Add display parameter to enable user control of the QEMU display method (VNC/SDL/nographic)
  • Implement VM.clone() -- to be used by tests that need to add new VMs by themselves
  • kickstart installation support
  • kvm-autotest auto resolve qemu-kvm backtraces
  • Make sure ppm_utils.image_crop() handles bad input properly
  • Enable tests to modify a VM's params (while it's down)
  • Implement "assert" function and use it in tests to make them shorter


  • Find out how to use Autotest's netperf test with guests
  • If needed, write a netperf/iperf test
  • Write a time drift test
  • Write a test which adds VMs until one of them becomes unresponsive, and records the maximum number of VMs successfully started
  • cpu hotplug - Glauber
  • pci net hot plug -Glauber
  • pci block hot plug -Glauber
  • s3 hibernation - Gleb
  • tap networking
  • pxe boot * net types
  • qcow1, qcow2, vmdk, vhd
  • qcow2 internal snapshots
  • Run autotest tests inside Linux guest
  • Further migration
  • Multiple nics
  • ksm
  • -vga stg, nographics
  • kvm unit-tests


  • Add docstrings to all functions that still lack them, including the ones in, and
  • Add module headers and docstrings
  • Document the setupssh.iso and setuptelnet.iso creation procedures in the wiki
  • Rename all Windows ISOs currently used to their official MSDN names
  • Share all the stepmaker data somehow so other people can debug stepfiles
  • Fill the sections "Working with step files" and "Step file creation tips" in the wiki
  • Document the kvm_install test in the "Tests" section of the wiki


None so far?