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KVM-Autotest TODO list

raw idea

  • more vhost_net test
  • Add Multi-guests transfer test
  • transfer test between guest(s) and extra boxs
  • add more whql tests (virtio_net,virtio_blk)


Note: This session is for major, multi-person items. We'll update the status weekly based on the status of the subtasks attributed to persons.



  • Make WHQL tests run on our internal server
  • Enable "guest-load" for a VMs before/while tests are running (e.g. migration of a VM, while a movie is playing on it)
    • This may just be a matter of moving useful code from tests to kvm_test_utils.py to make it reusable



  • Turn tsc_drift into a kvm unit test.
  • push redhat internal kvm subtests to upstream.

The ones left:

    • hdparm.py


  • Port network tests into windows
  • Profiler of pidstat
  • guest->guest guest->host netperf support
  • More readable test result of netperf


  • Run netperf test between two guests
  • Migration with/without workload(dbench,lmbench etc)
  • Verify SMBIOS/DMI data (UUID, for example)
  • Disk serial number (for IDE, SCSI, VirtIO drives)

Beijing QE

  • cpuflags.py
  • qmp_command.py (fyang)
  • qmp_event_notification.py (fyang)
  • pxe boot * net types
  • Further migration
  • Multiple nics
  • Test block device cancellation path using device mapper to generate errors ( after we had a crash in de_write_dma_cb)
  • Extend pci_assignable to support other PCI devices (USB, video cards, TV card etc)
  • Different CPU flags support
  • Passthrough the perf keys of run_autotest to autotest server
  • Register the virtual machine into autotest server and run benchmark through autotest server