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KVM-Autotest TODO list

  • Multi host migration - 1 week to recap the patch that was sent by QA, improve on it, have an updated patch by then - lmr


  • Libvirt integration - 1 week coordinating what it needs to be done, another 4 weeks (at least) implementing it - QA, lmr, mgoldish, help from libvirt developers
  • Include support for host kernel install on the KVM default control file - Using autotest standard API to get it done - lmr - PARTIALLY DONE, needs to resolve bugs in boottool to full functionality
  • Add a BLOCKED status on the autotest database, that tells the user that some feature testing was left out due to a problem on its dependencies.
  • Enable "guest-load" for a VMs before/while tests are running (e.g. migration of a VM, while a movie is playing on it) [Michael]
  • Add a way to shutdown the VMs when the whole job completes (compared to doing nothing or shutting-down after every test) [Michael]
  • Eventually get rid of all dependency on slirp/userspace networking to do any feature testing, since it is not a supported feature. Slipstreaming the kickstart in the install CD is a possibility, and it ends up being simpler than configuring an internal network thing for testing.
  • Make it possible to install virtio nw driver under windows xp/2003 guests without having to resort to the msi installer - assignee? Considerations: We would like to avoid slipstreaming the drivers in the iso cdrom, since we feel it is too messy. If after honest try we can't find another way, let's give slipstreaming a try.

Client Side Test

  • Using dnsmasq in unattended_install to replace userspace network with private bridge [Amos] status: have implemented in internal tree
  • Bonding test [Amos]
  • If needed, write a netperf/iperf test [jasowang] [NEEDS MORE WORK]
  • pxe boot * net types [BeiJing QE]
  • Further migration [BeiJing QE]
  • Multiple nics [BeiJing QE]
  • multiple disks [BeiJing QE]
  • -vga stg, nographics
  • Verify SMBIOS/DMI data (UUID, for example) [Yolkfull]
  • Disk serial number (for IDE, SCSI, VirtIO drives) [Yolkfull]
  • Test block device cancellation path using device mapper to generate errors ( after we had a crash in de_write_dma_cb)
  • Extend pci_assignable to support other PCI devices (USB, video cards, TV card etc)
  • Different CPU flags support [BeiJing QE]
  • Use private bridge and dnsmasq to do the unattended installation [BeiJing QE]
  • Passthrough the perf keys of run_autotest to autotest server [BeiJing QE]

Server Side Tests

  • Run netperf test between two guests [Yolkfull]
  • Migration with/without workload(dbench,lmbench etc) [Yolkfull]
  • Register the virtual machine into autotest server and run benchmark through autotest server [BeiJing QE]


  • Add docstrings to all functions that still lack them, including the ones in, and [Michael]
  • Document the setupssh.iso and setuptelnet.iso creation procedures in the wiki
  • Rename all Windows ISOs currently used to their official MSDN names
  • Fill the sections "Working with step files" and "Step file creation tips" in the wiki [Michael]