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Guest PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) currently exists in the form of an out-of-tree patchset.

See the Forum 2011 presentation about the state as of August 2011.

Current status

Version 1 Architectural PMU on Intel and AMD hosts is implemented and works.


Guest visible features

  • Implement Version 2 Architectural PMU - allows faster switch times using PERF_GLOBAL_ENABLE MSR
  • Implement Version 3 Architectural PMU
  • Model specific PMU - allows access to more events and support for more tools; but restricts live migration capabilities
    • Need per-event validation to avoid leaking socket-wide or core-wide information
  • PEBS - Preceise Event Based Sampling - allows examining program state
  • BTS - Branch Trace Store - allows tracing program execution accurately


  • Update Joerg Roedel's exclude_guest/exclude_host patchset to support Intel hosts, using vmx's ability to load PERF_GLOBAL_ENABLE on vmentry/vmexit


  • Investigate reports that enabling the guest PMU reduces performance
  • Update the perf_event subsystem to make use of the PERF_GLOBAL_ENABLE MSR to speed up context switching, on both guest and host
  • Check whether perf_event does unnecessary RMW operations on MSRs, which are significantly slow in a guest
  • Add a paravirt batch MSR read/write facility, update perf to use it when available

Git repositories

Guest PMU: git:// pmu

exclude_host: git:// perf-guest-counting