From KVM

My Spiceworks server is dying and I need to move it to a Windows XP inside Linux host. I am not sure what network requirement that Spiceworks need to work. Spiceworks discovers and keep track of all devices on the network using WMI and SNMP.

It also use LDAP to log into our Windows 2003 server for user authenication (for help desk ticket) and web services as well. It logs into Exchange server to receive and send out ticket requests to and from end users, and also to check Exchange health status.

I want to be able to use that virtual machine like if it is a stand alone host on its own, i.e. having its own static ip address, being able to remote desktop into it, and all that. I also want that windows guest to be part of Active Directory domain.

I am running ubuntu 9.04 (i386) jaunty on Dell Poweredge 1750, running 4 Gb ram and four processors. It also use 2 NIC, and one of them is inactive. I also have DHCP reserve an IP address for that virtual machine, DNS reversable in nslookup and our Windows 2003 server is running DNS/DHCP services.

I have been trying to get VirtualBox to work with Windows XP, but document and google search is very confusing, I created a br0, virb0, etc with tun and all that. I want to give kvm-linux a try.

Now, my quesiton is: -How do I reset the networking settings on our Ubuntu 9.04 back to default, the way it was when it was installed? -How do I configure the second nic to be used for that guest? -How do I track Spiceworks' activities so I will be able to identify what is not going through and to add port or whatever to allow that?

Thanks so much in advance!